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Wednesday, July 13th, 2005
2:03 am
dude, k i havnt written in here forever, but its all good, i am back at home, and i met my mom's exboyfriends neice and nephews, and two of them are my age and are twins...cool ass cait and sweet ass seandom, they live in seattle and ive decided that im going to live with them for all of next summer...sweet huh? Their mom Jackie is cool with it and everything...Caitlyn is like my bestest friend and weve only known eachother for a week, and Sean is super cute, and hes cool with me cuz im not like the other girls...the scene girls, cuz im real, and i dont like him just because hes in a band and plays the guitar and is hella good, but because hes nice, and when there was nowhere to sit he waved me over to the other end of the table and you know it just went on from there...hes not like any guy ive ever met in fairbanks, appearantly hes well known cuz of the band, but hes really shy and sweet...even if he can be a bit of a suck up haha if he lived in fairbanks i would totally date him, and its only a little weird to caitlyn cuz shes my best freind, and thats her twin, so i would be hella tight with both of them...caitlyn and i got freindship bracelets and rings and next year she better still have hers, and she says i better have mine on too, and i will...when they left i missed them so much it was like 7:30 about the time they should be arriving in seattle and i was like ooooohhhhhhhh i miss them...and i found caitlyns makeup baggie and seans shampoo and conditioner, and a pair of his pants i sent with jason for when sean goes to florida....andone of thier bracelets, idk whos it is though...and i hope sean does well in battle of the bands...hes so badass...i love them...but i gots ta go ill update lata

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1:31 am

to be or not to be...vanillaCollapse )
wowCollapse )



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Friday, March 25th, 2005
4:10 pm

dare devilCollapse )
keenan helpedme with this oneCollapse )

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Sunday, February 13th, 2005
2:30 pm

Pisces Kissing Horoscope

Your kisses are starry-eyed, amorous and long-lasting.

Your Relationship Potential: It could be a fun fling, or it could be the love of your life. Sample your free reading for more details.

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2:28 pm - wow im right in the middle

You Are A Romantic Realist

You are more romantic than 50% of the population.

You tend to be grounded when it comes to romance.
Sure, you can fall hard... but only for someone you've gotten to know.
And once you're in love, you can be a total romantic goofball...
But you'd never admit it to your friends!

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2:21 pm

R is for Radiant
I is for Ideal
K is for Kinky
I is for Insane

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2:18 pm - haha i send myself roses lol
LiveJournal Username
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Monday, February 7th, 2005
6:34 pm
Reply to this post and I will:
1. Tell you what song reminds me of you.
2. Tell you what celebrity/public/fictional person you remind me of, either personality-wise or looks-wise.
3. Give you one word that I associate with you when I think of you.
4. Tell you what colour(s) I associate with you.
Then steal it for your LJ.

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Wednesday, January 26th, 2005
7:31 pm

How Your Attitude Ranks

Your Attitude is Better than 45% of the Population

If you scored...

80-100: You've got a winner attitude. You're always optimistic and cheery. Your personality will get you far in life.

60-79: You have a good attitude. While a realist, you do see the positive side of most things. People love to be around you.

40 - 59: You have a positive attitude... somtimes. You prefer to see the world through clear glasses, not rose colored ones.

20 - 39: You have an average attitude. You take the good and bad in life as they come. Though sometimes you could use a little more good.

0-19: You have a negative attitude. You tend to see the dark side of every situation. Free ice cream? No thanks, it will just make you fat!

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6:00 pm

Your 80s Theme Song:

Your 80s Theme Song is Walk Like an Egyptian by the Bangles

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5:49 pm
keenan says "no im good" hahahahaha "matter of fact im so good..." hahahaha "hahaha" "weird conversation" hahaha (wait did i laugh or was that in my head???nvm, you dont know) ok well ttyl

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Thursday, January 20th, 2005
4:36 am - keenaners
well keenan and i have no idea how long weve been dating, well i dont know anyways, so i think i will have to ask haha cuz i dont remember, but im pretty sure he doesnt have a date either, so well prolly make a comprimise...im hungry
i think hes the closest thing to a serious relationship since if not last year, then seventh grade...man that was a while ago...and i am ready too...but its different now, because the guy i dated in seventh couldnt really date haha and my mom didnt know about him...so we were on the same page, but not really dating so yeah i would say keenan is the highest up there so far i think, but maby not, we havnt been dating that long..but it will change, as time goes on...so tonight i forgot to do my l'historie and i will do it tonight cuz i dont have class today...and kyle will help muah, and i will get it done, cuz i really super badly want to beable to go to ball with keenan, and then to the club with jenn and with keenan again and yeah he loves it.. haha...i know his seceret desires haha he wont admit them though, but i remind him haha, i love it...dude it was like really super weird how he pointed out that out of like everyone, somehow me and him ended up together, even though all these people had crushes on us, and were both like really super independant and shit so i was like whoa, that is weird...lol...cuz it is...i mean what are the odds of that happening?? haha but i liked him and he liked me too so then everything just worked out i guess...but yeah its so random too, like sometimes im just like *sigh* keenan...haha and i am like oh i think ill call him up...lol so we are planning to go see hide n seek and it looks like really super scary, and i called him when the commercial came on and we used like an hour of our minutes and danny was there, in his truck, for the first part of the convo, and we were all talking back and forth it was cool haha...i still dont see why girls think hes a slime bag...hes just a guy, hes funny and nice, i dont see anything wrong with him...maby i need to be let in on some stories...speaking of wich, uhm i know a seceret of his and everyone will find out today and be all talking about it, unless he does it late then everyone will be like tomorrow, and i know i would be like really super pissed, but he has his reasons and so dont go all freaking out when you hear...if you know what i mean... and no rumour spreading plz i mean come on ppl if thats all you do get a life...i mean it..haha..or a new hobby...cuz thats just messed up ya know...my hands are like really super cold...brrr haha...
you know i think that if someone asked me if i was single, or if i was dating someone, and they didnt mention keenans name, then i would be so forgetfull, and be like uhm yeah im single or like no...why...lol i mean i have been for a freaking year, so i guess its all good...i might just have a relapse hah of my b4 keenan life haha good stuff, but no i really like him, and were cool, he gets me for the most part (just about as much as i get myself) and i love how he always knows what to do its awesome like that...haha well no more keenan talk lol i best be off, my bus comes soon, and i missed it yestorday (it came early) that bitch ass busdriver, she will be stabbed...thats not a threat

current mood: cheerful

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Wednesday, January 19th, 2005
3:58 pm - still at school
so now i am at the library with keenan and max b and spencer and kara goodness and we are just chillin and were ready to get out soon, and its like fourish we have like fifteen minutes but yeah i really dont have anyting to write just yet, i have some plans online with kyle tonight and hes helping me with my world history homework and i had to help him with his at lunch todya, it was great haha i love him, i had a cool plan to put a cute pic on the back of our lesson plan for when we teach in history ok well i gosta go ill update a good one soon

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12:08 pm - gra
sorry i havnt updated in a while, i have been like really super busy and shit, but whatever so here we goes with the entry...i am in school right now in fifth period gallaway and i am working on a project, uhm...so i gost me a keenan...finnally...haha...i didnt think i wouldve really gone after him, but i did, only because of my good freinds here i love you guys, you rock...hes my sweetie, and haha i am such a dork...kyle saw me with keenan yestorday getting blitzed, i like that word...will continue to use it, uhm and he did an impression of me ha it was so funny, gawd lol i looked like an idiot, but so did kyle when he did his impression of me, he saw us at the gas station and i was in the back seat being a dumbass, lol and when keenan went to pay inside i mixed up a story that kyle told me and one that jenna told me into one and i was telling it to danny, but it confused me so bad, i was just laughing and keenan came back and was like whats up and did his little nodding thing and danny was like were having a conversation haha it was great, danny always knows what i am talking about, and keenan is like so confused, but then i get confused and me and keenan look at danny like hes crazy cuz we both dont know what i am talking about haha, its great...haha...theyre really super fun to hang out with, and keenan says its cute when i say things are like really super cute and shit like that haha i hate these computers, they are hard to type on and it dosnt help with me helping kyle do his homework, hes so drunk right now geez i need to smack him, i dont think i will do stuff after school anymore when there is school the next day cuz then i get all tired and just go to sleep and its not cool when i have homework, i mean right now i have that i dont give a shit attatude, but it iwll change, in a few days i think, when i get my shit together, (8) cuz i cant live like this forever...i love that song like i love emily haha she gave it to me i love you emily, i love kyle too cuz he gave me greenday, and evanessance and i want him to make me a bowling for soup cd but he doesnt have it right now and hes righting it down cuz i told him i want it and he loves me like that haha but soonish i will need to go and i might talk about keenan alot so if you dont want to hear it..fuck you! haha :P

current mood: busy

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Monday, January 10th, 2005
3:06 am - more quizzes

what a weird quizCollapse )


i swear im supposed to be geminiCollapse )


n*syncCollapse )



current mood: awake

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Sunday, January 9th, 2005
8:01 pm - hi
so im at keenans right now, just showing him an update

current mood: listless

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8:19 am - quizes

seven deadly sinsCollapse )

music for meCollapse )


my bumper sticker!Collapse )


movies for meCollapse )


fuck yeah, i love orange soda!Collapse )

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3:23 am - i have a pic

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2:37 am - riki

the weird things riki stands for on other peoples ljs:

  1. a bear
  2. a anime pet used for sex acts
  3. a roomie who does the dishes
  4. a guidance counselor
  5. a "scurvy seadog pirate"
  6. GenderPAC Excecutive Director
  7. a fighting dog
  8. a picture of a kid
  9. a singers ex girlfreind

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1:50 am - distant relatives
ok, so i was cleaning the kitchen, and i did everything but empty the dishwasher, and sweep and scrub the floor, i even washed the coffe maker, and the microwave, its really hard to scrub the top of the microwave. sigh, and when i was doing it, i decided to actually listen to one of my cds, you know one of the really old ones from middle school, and i pulled out a pink cd, and i listend to it, it brang back memories about my uncle saying she sucked, and stuff like that, when i have this huge ass poster of her my sister gave me, and two cds of hers, and dyed my hair pink, and me and chris were like in love with her, i was like so offended. ugh, he doesnt like anything i like, we have nothing in common, no real interests the same, and him and my cousins are the same, i get along well with his wife though. she and i love to shop, love shoes, love to cook (except she likes spicy like waaaaaaaaay spicy), and we both work the most, and do the most cleaning, and are short, and we both have messed up our hair due to peroxide in the past, and well were the closest of her family...i mean her kids and my uncle are so like hard rock, gamer, bigscreen tv, cable, la, small apartment, big system, people, and i am a freaken down to earth small town up town chica who just loves to shop, and watch the people go to the beach, i even like to go to art museums, we are just from different places, and i dont know how we are supposed to all live in one house at one time.

If they are going to visit here, it wont make any sense, i mean Ryan and Chela will be in my moms room, then the cousins will stay in jesse's room, then where will my mom and jesse sleep? well i could see my mom and jesse sharing jesse's room, but then that would mean the cousins will stay in my moms room too? well i guess so...i mean they could sleep on the floor, or we could move a couch in there...but not the living room couch, that would be too weird, i mean no couch in the living room! haha crazy!

I mean even if they are only going to be here a week, what will they do? We usually take the relatives to alaska land, and to the garden at the u, but i would really like to let them go on river boat discovery, or something to that effect, or maby we could drive through denali and see some wild life, but that isnt something chela would like, we are different in our own ways as well...I just hope they wont be here when my moms birthday is, because every year on my moms birthday me and jesse go with paul on our annual chitna trip to leave her alone, and go fishing, and i love to go fishing, its what i am like best at i think, and i just hope my cousin wont have to go with me, that would suck so bad. especially if both of my cousins went with us, that would be so crowded, we might even have to take the jeep, i wonder where the jeep is right now anyways...haha

i remember once i opend the door to the jeep, cuz i had to throw up...it was pickles lol...good times..and everyone got mad at me. sigh. like old times

sigh i am just sitting here full of emo, and i dont know what i am feeling, but not good things, well maby good things, mixed with not good things, but you know its like unexplainable feelings, its weird.

i think that in the am, i will make a smoothie, if we have yogurt, cuz i know we dont have vanilla ice cream. I will make a list of things to buy at the store. We even are almost out of tp, my mom is so lazy. The first two things on the list: low fat vanilla ice cream, and tp. lol this will be great, i love it. well i have nothing further to write about i think i am done, so i will update, when i have something else interesting i think hmm love, kisses, hugs, humps,

current mood: calm

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